WhatsApp Bans 7.1 Million Indian Users, Warns of More Bans for Rule Violations


A Meta-owned company called WhatsApp announced on Saturday that the company had banned more than 7.1 million Indian WhatsApp accounts for violating local laws in April. Approximately 1,302,000 of the 7,182,000 banned WhatsApp accounts were proactively blocked before any user reports. A company statement states that there are 7,182,000 banned WhatsApp accounts. Each month, thousands of Indians who are reported as scammers or violating the platform’s privacy policies are banned. 
According to the latest India Monthly Report published by Meta, between April 1, 2024, and April 30, 2024, nearly 71 lakh Indian accounts were banned by the instant messaging service, a move to curb misuse and maintain platform integrity. Also, the company has assured us that in the future it will continue to implement more bans for users that continue to violate its rules.
As of April 1, 2018, WhatsApp banned a total of 7,182,000 accounts, of which 1,302,000 were proactively banned before any complaints from users. Taking this proactive approach is an integral part of WhatsApp’s overall strategy to prevent abuse before it occurs. The company uses advanced machine learning and data analytics to identify suspicious behaviour patterns that indicate abuse before it occurs. 
The company received 10,554 reports from users in April 2024 regarding various topics such as account support, ban appeals

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