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We reindex the RSS feed of over 200 publishers. We do not copy or steal content, we just reindex whatever you publish in the RSS feed and we shorten the content if we find it too long. If you are a news publisher and do not wish your feed to be indexed, please contact us and ask to be removed.

What is this website?

This website is a news aggregator. That is, it collects the RSS feeds from chosen websites and publishes them here as posts. You can see the title of the websites in the “Categories”. The owner of this site does not control which content is published; he can only determine which sources are indexed. The aggregator can not re-index or update an article after it has published it here. This is also the reason why sometimes only some of the content will be published (and not all) and the source URL is provided. So if the source deletes the item, the indexed version will remain on this website and will continue to point to an invalid URL. Because of these problems, please do not contact us if you want me to change an indexed item somehow, like adding or removing content, links, words, names, in the articles etc.  

Why did we create it?

This aggregator was created from a personal need: view relevant IT security news in one place. In time, we realized that there are way too many good sources out there which are not easy to be found. This is why wanted to help the articles belonging to all the sources get more views by sending visitors to them. In order to bring the visitor to your website, the aggregator will cut the content after a certain size, so that you can’t read the article here, and go to the original source. We do not try to steal views or visitors, we just want to send them to the source.

What’s in it for us

We make some money from Google Ads, and from time to time we publish guest posts for a small fee. Overall, it is just enough to pay for the hosting, we are not making  a living out of this.  

What you should expect if you are indexed

Once we index your website/blog you should expect more visitors, which can in turn translate to more customers. However, we cannot guarantee more sales, it is up to you to convince the visitors to become customers.  

What to do if you have a problem with this website

  Please DO contact us in these situations, and please, do not threaten us, because we get really upset when you do that. We try to discuss and solve all problems, threatening us will only delay the process.

1) if you see an article which:

– Is not true or includes partially false information (please provide proof that it is so),

– it is illegal (it breaks the law, contains undesirable content)

– was significantly updated at the source (in any way).

In all these cases, we will delete the indexed version that was displayed on this website immediately. After this is done, the URL will refer to a 404 page.

Please understand that we can’t change the content of the post because it is aggregated from the source which published it initially. If the source republishes the updated article, we will reindex it as well.  


2) if your website is indexed by this news aggregator and you have a problem with that

Please be aware of the fact that if you publish an article publicly and anyone has access to it (via RSS feeds), we also have the right to point to your article, which is what this website does.

The advantage of being indexed here is that you are automatically exposed up to 100K+ visitors a month for free. But, it is your content and it is your right to control what happens to it.

In general, we remove the feed from the aggregator within 24h. If you want to have all old articles indexed, please specify so, otherwise we will not remove the old posts.

Please understand that this is a VERY time consuming process and very delicate, as it requires to manually modify the WordPress database.


GDPR conformity

By submitting your name and email address you automatically agree with our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree, please do not send us any information.
In a nutshell:
– We do not store any PII when you visit the website. The statistics created by Google services like Ads and Analytics are anonymized.
– WordPress has also some basic logging when running in Debug mode, but we deactivated it.

Contact information about the News Publisher

The owner of this website is

Sorin Mustaca 88069, Tettnang, BW, Germany 
If you want to contact us, please visit the Contact page. If you want to advertise with us, please visit the Advertising page.