Terms and Conditions (T&C)

We encourage you to read the Details below, because we receive around 10 queries per day from PR agencies, freelancers, authors, magazines, and so on.

Let’s not waste each others time.  Usually, you don’t get an answer for requests in the list below:

  1. We publish and link only IT security articles: We don’t accept articles/links related to topics like: Bitcoin, Porn, Toolbars/Adware/PUA, Gambling/Casino/Luck games, Cannabis and so on…
  2. We do not cooperate with freelancers who offer us to write articles for us either for free or paid
  3. We do not publish stuff for free
  4. We do not change or enhance existing articles (see below details)
  5. We don’t do product reviews (paid or for free)
  6. We don’t write articles ourselves
  7. We don’t publish infographics
  8. We don’t perform link exchange or publish your links or “better” information
  9. We don’t do website referencing of any kind


The details

  1. We can publish a technical article only if it is related to  IT Security. It can have your product name(s), brand, links, logo, etc. We have no problem with advertising your products or services, as long as they are about IT Security. The links must not be in the categories mentioned above (1).
  2. The articles will remain posted permanently as long as the website stays active. This means that nobody will erase them or change them. We have daily backups of the entire database, so if the server dies somehow, the exact content will be republished in a few hours again.
  3. The articles will be placed in a relevant category, usually “Security”. This means that the articles can be discovered also if you browse the articles for that category.
  4. The articles are not marked as “sponsored”, “guest”, “paid” or anything alike. 
  5. The links in the article are exactly as they were sent by the client as “dofollow”. We reserve the right to reject links we consider not to be appropriate for our website (like those in the categories mentioned above). If this is the case, we will let you know this in advance, before publishing.
  6. The articles are posted on the main domain, and not on a subdomain.
  7. Tags are usually added by us, manually, but we have also the “All in one SEO” plugin that adds some stuff as well. If you want to have your own tags, please let us know in advance.
  8. Edits for your own original posts (not RSS indexed articles) are permitted but not encouraged: one edit of a few words or one (1) link is permitted and is free of charge. Any additional edit of up to 20 words or up to 3 links costs extra.
  9. We don’t insert links/banners in existing articles, unless it is an edit of your own article (see 8).
  10. Payment is done only via PayPal. We will send you an invoice via PayPal (incl. PayPal fees) and we expect to have it paid within 2 days. If it is not paid, we will remove the article and you will be put in “probation”. This means that articles will be published only after the payment is done.
  11. The article will be indexed just as all other articles. No special treatment is done. If you want to “seed” the link to some search engine directly, it is your choice.
  12. There is no minimum or maximum number of words or links. Just use your common sense here.


Long term publishing:

If you commit to a long term publishing (min. 10 articles), we do discounts.

If you agree with the conditions above and are interested in pricing, please contact us using the form below.


Some more details


This website has two functions:


1.Third party News Aggregator

This aggregator was created with the intention to help the articles belonging to the sources to get more views by sending visitors to them.

This is why the aggregator will cut the content after a certain size, so that you can’t read the article here, and go to the original source.

We do not try to steal views or visitors, we just want to send them to the source.


2. Original News Portal

We publish new and original content, written specially for our audience. 


Publishing an article on this website means a lot of exposure to people interested in IT Security:

  • between 75K-100K unique visitors a month (for the entire website)
  • 80% of the traffic is coming from English speaking countries like: USA, UK, Ireland, India, Australia, 10% from European countries and 10% from other countries.
  • shared via Twitter to over 10000+ followers: @it_securitynews
  • shared via Facebook to over 7000 followers: and Questions about Security Software
  • shared via email in the daily, weekly and monthly summary to over 1100 receivers (who subscribed manually !)
  • shared on Telegram public channel called IT_Security_News Info . Check the dedicated page for details.
  • accessible via the free Android App
  • shared on LinkedIn (must be logged in on LinkedIn)


GDPR conformity:

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If you want an answer (which is not guaranteed in any way), please leave a valid email address as well.


WARNING: we get 10+ queries a day, so if you want an answer, please read carefully the above Terms and Conditions and don’t ask us topics already addressed.

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