The Mask: A Resilient Espionage Group Returns After a Decade

An APT group that has been missing for over a decade has reappeared in a cyber-espionage campaign aimed at organizations in Latin America and Central Africa.

The Mask’s history

  1. Origins: The Mask first appeared in 2007, operating with stealth and sophistication.
  2. Vanishing Act: In 2013, the group seemingly vanished, leaving behind a trail of cyber-espionage campaigns.
  3. Unique Victims: Over the years, they targeted around 380 unique victims across 31 countries, including major players like the US, UK, France, Germany, China, and Brazil.

About Careto aka The Mask

The gang “Careto” or “The Mask” began operations in 2007 and suddenly vanished in 2013. During that time, the Spanish-speaking threat actor claimed around 380 unique victims in 31 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, and Brazil.

Kaspersky researchers, who monitored Careto ten years ago and recently discovered new attacks, classified Careto’s former victims as government organizations, diplomatic offices and embassies, energy, oil and gas corporations, research institutions, and private equity firms.

Sophisticated Tailored Methods

According to Kaspersky, Careto group actors use specialized tactics to sneak into both victim environments, maintain persistence, and harv

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