Smart Network Onboarding: Revolutionizing Connectivity With AI and Automation

Network onboarding — the process through which new devices gain access to an organization’s network— is a cornerstone of IT operations, affecting everything from security to user satisfaction. Traditionally, this process has been fraught with challenges, particularly at scale. In environments with hundreds or thousands of devices, manual onboarding can consume disproportionate amounts of time and resources. According to a study by Cisco, IT teams spend approximately 20% of their time managing device connectivity issues, highlighting the operational burden of current practices.

Moreover, the scale of the problem becomes more apparent considering the proliferation of IoT devices. Gartner reports that by 2025, over 75 billion connected IoT devices will be in use worldwide. Each device, from the simplest sensor to complex industrial machinery, requires precise and secure network integration, a task that becomes exponentially difficult as network environments grow in complexity and scale.

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