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It’s Day One of EFF’s summer membership drive for internet freedom! Gather round the virtual campfire because I’ve got special treats and a story for you:

  1. New member t-shirts and limited-edition gear drop TODAY.
  2. Through EFF’s 34th birthday on July 10, you can get 2 rare gifts and become an EFF member for just $20! AND new automatic monthly or annual donors get an instant match.
  3. I’m proud to share the first post in a series from our friends, The Encryptids—the rarely-seen enigmas who inspire campfire lore. But this time, they’re spilling secrets about how they survive this ever-digital world. We begin by checking in with the legendary Bigfoot de la Sasquatch…

EFF Membership Team


Bigfoot with sunglasses in a forest saying "Privacy is a human right."


eople say I’m the most famous of The Encryptids, but sometimes I don’t want the spotlight. They all want a piece of me: exes, ad trackers, scammers, even the government. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but my digital profile is worth cash (to skeezy data brokers). I can’t hit a city block without being captured by doorbell cameras, CCTV, license plate readers, and a maze of street-level surveillance. It can make you want to give up on privacy altogether. Honey, no. Why should you have to hole up in some dank, busted forest for freedom and respect? You don’t.

Privacy isn’t about hiding. It’s about revealing what you want to who you want on your terms. It’s your basic right to dignity.


p class=”pull-quote”>Privacy isn’t about hiding…It’s your basic right to dignity.

A wise EFF technologist once told me, “Nothing makes you a ghost online.” So what we need is contro

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