OpenAI and Stack Overflow Partnership: A Controversial Collaboration

OpenAI and Stack Overflow Partnership: A Controversial Collaboration

The Partnership Details

OpenAI and Stack Overflow are collaborating through OverflowAPI access to provide OpenAI users and customers with the correct and validated data foundation that AI technologies require to swiftly solve an issue, allowing engineers to focus on critical tasks. 

OpenAI will additionally share validated technical knowledge from Stack Overflow directly in ChatGPT, allowing users to quickly access trustworthy, credited, correct, and highly technical expertise and code backed by millions of developers who have contributed to the Stack Overflow platform over the last 15 years.

User Protests and Concerns

However, several Stack Overflow users were concerned about this partnership since they felt it was unethical for OpenAI to profit from their content without authorization.

Following the news, some users wished to erase their responses, including those with the most votes. However, StackCommerce does not often enable the deletion of posts if the question has any answers.

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