Newfoundland TV Station Hit by Ransomware Attack


ST. JOHN’S – The Newfoundland Broadcasting Company Limited, owner of a popular independent TV station in Newfoundland and Labrador, has been targeted by a ransomware attack.

Attack Details and Immediate Impact

The cyberattack, claimed by the Play ransomware group, has breached some of the company’s systems. However, the incident has not disrupted the on-air operations of NTV or its radio counterpart, OZFM. The attackers are now threatening to leak sensitive company data online.

Data Compromised

According to Play’s site on the dark web, the stolen data includes budget details, payroll information, and client documents from NTV. Play typically encrypts victims’ data, rendering it inaccessible, and demands payment to release and delete the stolen information.

Expert Advice on Ransom Demands

Brett Callow, a cybersecurity analyst based in British Columbia, advises against paying the ransom. He emphasises that payment does not guarantee the data’s destruction. “Paying the demand in these cases simply elicits a pinky promise from the criminals that the stolen data will be destroyed, and there is ample evidence that gangs don’t always do that,” Callow explained. He added that some organisations have been extorted multiple times with the same data.

Recent Targets of Play Group

The Play ransomware group has recently targeted other organisations, incl

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