New macOS Malware Threat: What Apple Users Need to Know


Recently, the Moonlock Lab cybersecurity team discovered a macOS malware strain that can easily evade detection, posing a significant threat to users’ data privacy and security.

The infection chain for this malware begins when a Mac user visits a website in search of pirated software. 

On such sites, users might encounter a file titled CleanMyMacCrack.dmg, believing it to be a cracked version of the popular Mac cleaning software, CleanMyMac. When this DMG file is launched on the computer, it executes a Mach-O file, which subsequently downloads an AppleScript designed to steal sensitive information from the infected Mac.

Once the malware infects a macOS computer, it can perform a variety of malicious actions. It collects and stores the Mac owner’s username and sets up temporary directories to hold stolen data before exfiltration. The malware extracts browsing history, cookies, saved passwords, and other sensitive data from web browsers. It also identifies and accesses directories that commonly contain cryptocurrency wallets. 

Additionally, it copies macOS keychain data, Apple Notes data, and cookies from Safari, gathers general user information, system details, and metadata, and then exfiltrates all this stolen data to threat actors.

Moonlock Lab has linked this macOS malware to a well-known Russian-speaking threat actor, Rodrigo4. This hacker has been active on the XSS underground forum, where he has been seen recruiting other hackers to help distribute his malware using SEO manipulation and online ads.

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