Google Leak Reveals Concerning Privacy Practices


An internal leak has revealed troubling privacy and security practices at Google, exposing substantial lapses over a span of six years. This revelation highlights the tech giant’s failure to prioritise user data protection, raising concerns about the company’s handling of sensitive information.

License Plate Tracking and Storage

One of the most alarming disclosures involves Google Street View’s inadvertent tracking and storage of licence plate numbers. The internal documents show that the system was designed to transcribe text from images mistakenly captured and stored geolocated licence plate numbers and fragments. Although Google employees emphasised that this was an unintentional error, it underscores a critical oversight in their data handling processes.

Recording Children’s Voices and Other Issues

Further issues uncovered in the leak include the recording and storing of children’s voices, which raises significant privacy concerns. Additionally, Google reportedly failed to secure home addresses on its carpooling systems and had unauthorised access to private videos on YouTube accounts. These incidents reflect a broader pattern of inadequate data security measures and potential violations of user privacy.

While these revelations paint a troubling picture of Google’s past practices, the company has reportedly taken steps to address and resolve these security iss

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