Experts Warn: AI Chatbots a ‘Treasure Trove’ for Criminals, Avoid ‘Free Accounts


Cybersecurity experts have informed The U.S. Sun that chatbots represent a “treasure trove” ripe for exploitation by criminals. The intelligence of artificial intelligence chatbots is advancing rapidly, becoming more accessible and efficient.
Because these AI systems mimic human conversation so well, there’s a temptation to trust them and divulge sensitive information.
Jake Moore, Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET, explained that while the AI “models” behind chatbots are generally secure, there are hidden dangers.
“With companies like OpenAI and Microsoft leading the development of chatbots, they closely protect their networks and algorithms,” Jake stated. “If these were compromised, it would jeopardize their business future.”
A New Threat Landscape
Jake pointed out that the primary risk lies in the potential exposure of the information you share with chatbots.
The details you share during chatbot interactions are stored somewhere, similar to how texts, emails, or backup files are stored. The security of these interactions depends on how well they are store

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