EU Accuses Microsoft of Secretly Harvesting Children’s Data


Noyb (None of Your Business), also known as the European Centre for Digital Rights, has filed two complaints against Microsoft under Article 77 of the GDPR, alleging that the tech giant breached schoolchildren’s privacy rights with its Microsoft 365 Education service to educational institutions. 

Noyb claims that Microsoft tried to shift the responsibility and privacy expectations of GDPR principles onto institutions through its contracts, but that these organisations had no reasonable means of complying with such requests because they had no more control over the collected data. 

The non-profit argued that while schools and educational institutions in the European Union depended more on digital services during the pandemic, large tech businesses took advantage of this trend to try to attract a new generation of committed clients. While noyb supports the modernization of education, he believes Microsoft has breached various data protection rights by offering educational institutions with access to Microsoft’s 365 Education services, leaving students, parents, and institutes with little options. 

Noyb voiced concern about the market stre

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