eSIM Connections: Redefining Mobile Service and Flexibility


This eSIM management technology will have a significant impact on the IoT, as it represents an evolution from physical SIM cards to virtual SIM cards, which will have the greatest impact on its acceptance. Mobile network operators (MNOs), who are well-positioned to play a key role in facilitating the growth of the exploding IoT market, have established a solid and reliable management solution for embedded subscriber identity modules. 
Furthermore, MNOs can create new and convenient journeys for consumers using mobile devices. The mobile industry is facing a transformative period in the coming years, especially concerning eSIMs, which have been the subject of new research which sheds some light on how eSIMs will be transformed. An eSIM ecosystem offers the same security and protection that a removable SIM card provides. A public key infrastructure (PKI) governed by the GSMA provides secure authentication of entities of the ecosystem. 
The protocols are based on state-of-the-art cryptographic mechanisms and are guaranteed to protect the end user’s privacy. There is a GSMA certification process required for manufacturers and providers of eSIM solutions to be admitted into the ecosystem. As a result of the switch from physical SIM cards to eSIM cards, CCS Insight believes that the consumer will have more powerful control over their subscriptions by interacting differently with their network providers. 
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