Enhancing Cloud Security: Integrating DevSecOps Practices Into Monitoring

In the fast-changing world of tech, companies must get their apps out quickly but can’t forget to keep them safe. Gone are the days when security checks happened only after making the app. Now, there’s an intelligent way called DevSecOps that ties together software development lifecycle, security, and operations into one smooth process. Prolific DevSecOps practices ensure safety measures are part of every step in getting an app from idea to user’s hands through continuous integration (CI) and delivery (CD), covering everything before launch and after it goes live. 

DevSecOps isn’t just a fad; it marks a significant change in the overall production environment and in how people think about building and sending out software. By weaving security into each phase of app development cycle, devsecops teams can release secure software quicker than ever. They’re better at finding and fixing security flaws early on, enhancing the traditional software development cycle and staying on top of legal rules for protecting data. 

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