DocGo Confirms Cyberattack: Patient Health Data Breach


In a recent turn of events, DocGo, a prominent mobile medical care firm providing healthcare services across the United States and the United Kingdom, has fallen victim to a cyberattack. The breach, confirmed by the company in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has raised concerns about the security of patient health data and the impact on DocGo’s operations. 

Here’s what we know so far:

According to the SEC filing, DocGo discovered unauthorized activity within its systems and promptly initiated an investigation with the assistance of third-party cybersecurity experts. While the company has not disclosed the specific nature of the cyberattack, it is common practice for organizations to shut down affected IT systems to prevent further compromise. 

As part of their investigation, DocGo determined that the hackers gained access to a “limited number of healthcare records” belonging to the company’s U.S.-based ambulance transportation business. This breach has raised serious concerns about the security of patient health information and the potential impact on individuals affected by the attack.

In response to the breach, DocGo is actively reaching out to individuals whose data may have been compromised. The company assures that no other business units have been affected, and they have not found evidence of continued unauthorized access. 

Despite the breach, DocGo believes that the incident will not have a signif

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