Dell Data Breach Exposes Personal Information Of 49 Million


Dell, the renowned computer manufacturer, has issued a cautionary notice to its customers regarding a disconcerting data breach. The breach, which affects an estimated 49 million customers, involves unauthorised access to an online portal containing sensitive customer information. Dell has disclosed that the breached data includes customers’ names, physical addresses, and detailed information regarding Dell hardware purchases such as service tags, item descriptions, order dates, and related warranty details. Notably, the compromised information excludes financial details, email addresses, and telephone numbers. Dell accentuated its collaboration with law enforcement and a third-party forensics firm to thoroughly investigate the breach. While Dell declined to specify the number of affected individuals, it assures ongoing efforts to address the incident.

Data for Sale on the Dark Web

Disturbingly, reports have surfaced indicating that a threat actor, operating under the pseudonym Menelik, endeavoured to sell a database containing Dell customer information on a prominent hacking forum. The compromised data encompasses purchases spanning from 2017 to 2024, affecting a staggering 49 million customers. While Dell’s initial notification primarily encompasses personal purchases, the breadth of the breach extends its tendrils to affect consumers, enterprises, partners, and educational institutions alike.

In the wake of such an imminent breach, customers are vehemently advised to exer

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