Club Penguin Fans Target Disney Server, Exposing 2.5 GB of Internal Data


Club Penguin fans reportedly hacked a Disney Confluence server to collect information about their favourite game but ended up with 2.5 GB of internal corporate data instead. 

From 2005 until 2018, Club Penguin was a multiplayer online game (MMO) that included a virtual world where users could engage in games, activities, and talk with one another. The game was produced by New Horizon Interactive, which Disney later purchased. 

While Club Penguin was officially closed in 2017 and replaced by Club Penguin Island in 2018, the game is still available on private servers hosted by fans and independent developers. Despite Disney’s opposition to a more prominent ‘Club Penguin Rewritten’ replica, which resulted in the arrest of its owners, private servers with thousands of players continue to exist today. 

Earlier this week, an anonymous user posted a link to “Internal Club Penguin PDFs” on the 4Chan message board, with the simple statement, “I no longer need these:).” 


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