Behind the Breach: How ARRL Fought Back Against Cyber Intruders

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the primary body for amateur radio in the United States, has released new details about the May 2024 cyberattack. The ARRL cyberattack took down its Logbook of the World (LoTW), leaving many members dissatisfied with the organization’s perceived lack of information.

ARRL Targeted in Sophisticated Cyber Attack

According to a recent ARRL update, on or around May 12, 2024, the company was attacked by a rogue international cyber gang via its network. When the ARRL cyberattack was discovered, the organization quickly contacted the FBI and enlisted the assistance of third-party specialists in the investigation and cleanup efforts.

The FBI classified the ARRL cyberattack as “unique,” owing to its nature of infiltrating network devices, servers, cloud-based services, and PCs.

ARRL’s management swiftly formed an incident response team to contain the damage, repair servers, and test apps for appropriate operation.

In a statement, ARRL reiterated its commitment to resolve the issue: thank you for being patient and understanding as our staff works with an exceptional team of specialists to restore full operation to our systems and services. We will continue to p

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