ATM Card Trap Scam: How to Stay Safe

ATM Card Trap Scam: How to Stay Safe

ATMs have become an integral part of our lives. They provide convenient access to cash and banking services. However, criminals are always finding new ways to exploit technology for their gain. One such deceptive scheme is the ATM card trap scam. 

The ATM card trap scam is a sophisticated method used by fraudsters to take your money and personal information. Let’s dive into what it is and how you can protect yourself.

What is the ATM Card Trap Scam?

The ATM card trap scam involves fraudsters using skimming devices to steal your card information and distract you from stealing your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Here’s how it works:

Tampered ATMs: Scammers physically alter the ATM’s card reader. They may attach a skimming device or even remove the reader entirely, causing your card to get stuck.

Feigning Helpfulness: When your card gets stuck, a seemingly helpful stranger might appear. They offer assistance, but their real goal is to distract you.

PIN Stealing: The scammer may convince you to re-enter your PIN to “unstick” the card. While you do so, they observe your keystrokes or offer to call the bank for you.

Emptying Your Account: Once you leave, the scammer retrieves your card and withdraws money using your

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