Assessing F Society’s Latest Ransomware Targets: Are They at Risk?


In recent developments, the F Society ransomware group has once again made headlines by listing four additional victims on its leak site. The alleged targets include Bitfinex, Coinmoma, Rutgers University, and SBC Global Net. Bitfinex, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform, and Coinmoma, offering cryptocurrency-related data, are among the victims. 

Rutgers University, one of the oldest universities in the US, and SBC Global Net, an email service once provided by SBC Communications, are also allegedly affected.

While the attacks are yet to be officially confirmed, the ransomware group has provided unique descriptions for each victim, along with links to sample data obtained from the attacks. 

Bitfinex was reportedly targeted with the theft of 2.5 TB of information and personal details of 400K users. Rutgers University faced an alleged theft of 1 TB of data, with the specific type of information not disclosed. Coinmoma was claimed to have sensitive data, including user information and transaction histories, compromised, with a file size of 2TB and 210k user records. 
Similarly, SBC Global Net was stated to have unauthorized access, leading to the theft of personal user details, with a file size of 1 TB.

Despite these claims, no ransom amount has been publicly mentioned, and the victims are given seven days to comply with the demands, failing which the obtained data will be leaked. […]
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