5 Signs Your Wi-Fi Has Been Hacked: Protect Your Bank Details

5 Signs Your Wi-Fi Has Been Hacked: Protect Your Bank Details

The tech company Aura sent its experts to investigate the telltale indicators that cybercriminals have overcome your wi-fi. A hacker can access all of your sensitive information through your wifi in a number of methods, and it’s far easier to detect than you might believe.

In the event that this occurs, outsiders will have access to your bank account information and other private information. They may even be able to listen in on your private discussions with loved ones, parents, or other family members.

However, you can tell if your wifi has been hacked or not by looking for these five indicators:

1. Reduced internet speed

If your internet provider is normally trouble-free, an abrupt and unusual slowdown in your access to the internet may indicate that hackers have attacked your router.

2. Finding strange devices or IP addresses

Unknown gadgets, sometimes known as rogue devices, may indicate that hackers are trying to access private data from your router.

If you see this, you need to check if any unidentified devices are included in the list of connected devices by loggi

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