Vulnerability Summary for the Week of July 1, 2024

High Vulnerabilities

Vendor — Product
Description Published CVSS Score Source & Patch Info
2code — wpqa_builder
The WPQA Builder WordPress plugin before 6.1.1 does not have CSRF checks in some places, which could allow attackers to make logged in users perform unwanted actions via CSRF attacks 2024-07-03 8.8 CVE-2024-2376
ABB–ASPECT Enterprise (ASP-ENT-x)
Default credential in install package in ABB ASPECT; NEXUS Series; MATRIX Series version 3.07 allows attacker to login to product instances wrongly configured. 2024-07-01 8.8 CVE-2024-4007
Adobe–Acrobat for Edge
Acrobat for Edge versions 126.0.2592.68 and earlier are affected by an out-of-bounds read vulnerability when parsing a crafted file, which could res

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