This Is How SSL Certificates Work: HTTPS Explained in 15 Minutes

The world of online security may seem complex, but understanding the basics of how SSL certificates work and why HTTPS is essential can empower you to make safer choices online. Just like Jane, you can navigate the digital landscape with confidence, knowing that your data is protected from prying eyes. So next time you browse the web, remember the story of Jane and the coffee shop hacker and choose secure, trusted websites for your online activities. Let’s start our day with Jane who was enjoying her coffee peacefully.

Chapter 1: The Coffee Shop Conundrum

It was a sunny afternoon, and Jane decided to take a break from her hectic day. She headed to her favorite coffee shop, ordered a latte, and found a cozy corner to catch up on some online shopping and emails. As she settled in, she connected her laptop to the coffee shop’s free Wi-Fi and began browsing. Little did she know, a hacker named Bob was sitting just a few tables away, eager to intercept her data.

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