Robot ‘Suicide’ in South Korea Raises Questions About AI Workload


At the bottom of a two-meter staircase in Gumi City Council, South Korea, a robot that worked for the city council was discovered unresponsive. There are those in the country who label the first robot to be built in the country as a suicide. According to the newspaper, a Daily Mail report claims that the incident occurred on the afternoon of June 20 around 4 pm. When the shattered robot was collected for analysis and sent to the company for examination, city council officials immediately contacted Bear Robotics, a California-based company, that made the robot. 
However, the reason behind the robot’s erratic behaviour remains unknown.

This robot, nicknamed “Robot Supervisor”, was found piled up in a heap at the bottom of a stairwell between the first and second floors of the council building, where it was hidden from view. There were descriptions from witnesses that the robot behaved strangely, “circling in a certain area as if there was something there” before it fell to Earth untimely. It was one of the first robots in the city to be assigned this role in August 2023, with the robot being one of the first to accomplish this task. 

According to Bear Robotics, a startup company based out of California that develops robot waiters, the robot works from 9 am to 6 pm daily. Its civil service card validates its employment status. A difference between other robots and the Gumi City Council robot, which can call an elevator and move independently

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