Ransomware Group Uses Harassment Tactics to Secure Payments


A newly identified ransomware group named Volcano Demon is using aggressive tactics to compel victims to pay ransoms. Halycon, an anti-ransomware firm, recently reported that this group has targeted several organisations in the past weeks with a new encryption tool called LukaLocker.

Attack Strategy

Volcano Demon’s attack method is both simple and effective. Initially, the hackers infiltrate the target’s network, mapping it out and stealing as many sensitive files as they can. Following this, they deploy LukaLocker to encrypt files and entire systems. The victims are then instructed to pay a ransom in cryptocurrency to receive the decryption key and prevent the stolen data from being leaked.

Technical Details of LukaLocker

LukaLocker works by adding a .nba extension to encrypted files and is capable of operating on both Windows and Linux systems. The encryptor is proficient at hiding its tracks by erasing logs before exploitation, making it difficult for cybersecurity experts to perform a full forensic analysis. Furthermore, LukaLocker can disable processes linked to most major antivirus and anti-malware solutions, making recovery efforts even more challenging.

Unlike typical ransomware groups that maintain dedicated data leak sites, Volcano Demon employs a more direct and intimidating approach. They contact the leadership of the victimised companies via phone calls from unidentified numbers to negotiate ransom payments. These calls are often threatening in nature, adding psychologic

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