New Golang-Based Botnet ‘Zergeca’ Discovered


Researchers at QiAnXin XLab have found a new and dangerous botnet called Zergeca. This botnet, written in the Go programming language (Golang), can launch powerful distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which can overwhelm and shut down targeted websites or services.

How Zergeca Was Discovered

In May 2024, researchers came across a suspicious file uploaded from Russia to a security website called VirusTotal. This file, located at /usr/bin/geomi, had a unique identifier but wasn’t marked as harmful. Another similar file was uploaded from Germany on the same day. This led experts to discover that these files were part of a new botnet, which they named Zergeca, inspired by a string in its code that reminded them of the Zerg creatures from the video game StarCraft.

Zergeca is capable of six different types of DDoS attacks. It also has additional features, such as acting as a proxy, scanning networks, upgrading itself, staying persistent on infected devices, transferring files, providing remote access, and collecting sensitive information from compromised devices. One unique aspect of Zergeca is its use of multiple DNS resolution methods, preferring DNS over HTTPS (DoH) for communicating with its command and control (C2) server. It also uses an uncommon library called Smux for encrypted communication.

The C2 server used by Zergeca has been linked to at least two other botnets named Mirai since September 2023. This suggests that the creator of Zergeca has prior experience with running botnets.

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New Golang-Based Botnet ‘Zergeca’ Discovered