New Consumer Privacy Rights for Oregonians: What You Need to Know


As of July 1, Oregonians have gained significant new consumer privacy rights under the Oregon Consumer Privacy Act (OCPA). This law, enacted in July 2023 but now in effect, results from four years of work by the Attorney General’s Consumer Privacy Task Force, a group of over 150 experts.
The OCPA offers broad definitions of personal and biometric data and provides comprehensive protections for consumer data. It empowers consumers with control over their data and mandates businesses to adhere to high standards. 
Key rights for consumers include: 
1. Right to Know: Consumers can request a list of entities that have received their personal data. 
2. Right to Correction: Consumers can correct inaccuracies in their data. 
3. Right to Deletion: Consumers can delete data held by businesses. 
4. Right to Opt Out: Consumers can refuse the sale, profiling, or targeted advertising using their data. 
5. Right to Data Portability: Consumers can obtain a copy of their personal data from businesses. 
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