Major Security Flaw in WhatsApp and Signal MacOS Apps Puts User Data at Risk


A significant security warning has emerged for WhatsApp and Signal users this week, urging them to consider deleting their apps, particularly on MacOS. The issue, primarily affecting Apple users leveraging multi-device functionality, highlights severe vulnerabilities in the MacOS versions of these popular messaging platforms.

Security researcher Tommy Mysk, known for uncovering critical vulnerabilities, recently disclosed that both WhatsApp and Signal MacOS apps store local data, including chat histories and media attachments, in locations accessible to any app or process running on the device. 

This is a stark contrast to Apple’s iMessage, which, despite storing similar data, uses sandboxing to prevent unauthorized access by other apps.

The primary concern lies in how these apps handle local data storage. While WhatsApp and Signal emphasize end-to-end encryption for secure message transmission, this protection is compromised if local data can be accessed by other apps or malware. Mysk explained that the chat histories, the core of what these apps are designed to protect, are not sufficiently safeguarded on MacOS.

The vulnerability means that if a malicious app gains access to the device, it could potentially monitor and exfiltrate the unencrypted local data. 

For WhatsApp, this includes both chat histories and media attachments. Mysk warned, “WhatsApp doesn’t encrypt the local database that stores chat histories. It doesn’t encrypt media attachments sent through the chat either. A simple malware could theoretically

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