Enhance IaC Security With Mend Scans

Whether on the cloud or setting up your AIOps pipeline, automation has simplified the setup, configuration, and installation of your deployment. Infrastructure as Code(IaC) especially plays an important role in setting up the infrastructure. With IaC tools, you will be able to describe the configuration and state of your infrastructure that are desirable. The popular tools for IaC include Terraform, Pulumi, AWS CloudFormation, and Ansible; each of them has different possibilities for automating the deployment and management of infrastructure both in the cloud and on-premises.

With the growing complexity of applications and heightened focus on security in software development, the tools SonarQube and Mend are more predisposed. As explained in my previous article, SonarQube is a code analysis tool aimed at helping developers have high-quality code by spotting bugs and vulnerabilities across several programming languages. SonarQube is very well integrated into pipelines of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, producing continuous feedback while forcing enforcement of coding standards.

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