Cyber Security Today, Week in Review for week ending July 5, 2024

This episode features an interview with a cybersecurity and privacy lawyer about responding to cyber attacks

Navigating Ransomware Response: Insights from Cybersecurity Expert Imran Ahmad

In this episode features an interview between Howard Solomon and Imran Ahmad, a partner at Norton Rose Fulbright, discussing effective strategies for managing ransomware attacks. Ahmad, with his extensive background in cybersecurity law, shares practical advice on incident response, the importance of having a structured plan, and the dynamic nature of cyber threats. He elucidates the common pitfalls companies face, the role of communication, and the legal nuances of dealing with cyber incidents. Ahmad also touches on the increasing sophistication of attackers, including the use of AI, and the balance organizations must strike between cybersecurity investments and other business priorities.

00:00 Introduction and Host Welcome
00:26 Meet Imran Ahmad: Cybersecurity Expert
01:37 The Reality of Ransomware Attacks
04:05 Elements of a Good Ransomware Response Plan
07:07 Inside the Incident Response Room
11:49 Legal and Communication Challenges
20:11 Government Policies and Ransomware Payments
22:29 Why Organizations Struggle with Cyber Preparedness
24:02 Conclusion and Farewell

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