CDK Cyberattack Traced to BlackSuit Hackers: U.S. Auto Industry Under Siege


Cybercriminals have carried out a series of hacks targeting big companies by breaking into the back ends of their software suppliers, disrupting operations at auto dealerships all over the U.S. This is the latest in a wide-ranging series that targets big companies through the breaching of back-end companies. Dealers commonly use this software system to process sales and other operations, such as purchase orders, in the dealership world. Various reports in local media indicate that many dealers have started processing transactions manually as a result of the hack, which occurred last week. 
According to CDK Global, which provides software to roughly 15,000 car dealerships in North America, the company is anticipating that all 14 dealerships will be up and running by late evening Wednesday or early morning Thursday as a result of the hack. The software of CDK was compromised by two cyberattacks that forced the company’s systems to be taken down for days, which resulted in delays in the scheduling of services, repairs, part deliveries, and the purchase of cars at dealerships in both the United States and Canada. 
Customers were notified by the Illinois-based company on June 24 that the disruptions might last until the end of the month since it was signalling that they could persist for a while. In the days following CDK’s discovery of the breach and shutdown of systems on June 19, chaos has engulfed dealerships around the country. As an example of CDK’s core product, it is a suite of software to

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