BianLian Ransomware Strikes: US Companies Grapple with Data Breach Fallout

The BianLian ransomware organization is accused of cyberattacking against three major US companies, consisting of large amounts of sensitive data. The victims of the BianLian ransomware attack—Island Transportation Corp., Legend Properties Inc., and Transit Mutual Insurance Corporation of Wisconsin—had their breaches detailed on a dark web forum by the ransomware gang.

This escalation illustrates the growing threat ransomware attacks present against important sectors across the United States.

The Targets

1. Island Transportation Corp.: A heavyweight in the bulk carrier industry, Island Transportation Corp. services the petroleum sector. Unfortunately, they fell victim to the BianLian ransomware attack, compromising a staggering 300 GB of organizational data. Among the exposed information are vital business records, accounting files, project details, and personal data.

2. Legend Properties Inc.: As a well-established commercial real estate and brokerage firm, Legend Properties Inc. found itself in the crosshairs. The attackers gained unauthorized access to 400 GB of sensitive data, including critical business information, accounting records, and personal details.

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