Australian Man Arrested for Evil Twin Wi-Fi Attacks on Domestic Flights


Police in Australia have arrested and charged a man with nine cybercrime crimes for allegedly setting up fictitious public Wi-Fi networks using a portable wireless access point to steal data from unsuspecting users. 

The man designed “evil twin” Wi-Fi networks at airports, during flights, and other places related to his “previous employment” that would deceive people into registering into the fake network using their email address or social media accounts. Police stated the login data was then transferred to the man’s devices. 

Dozens of credentials were reportedly obtained. This information might have enabled the perpetrator to get access to victims’ accounts and possibly steal further sensitive information such as banking login details or other personal information. Employees of the airline noticed one of the strange in-flight Wi-Fi networks. The anonymous Australian airline then reported the Wi-Fi’s presence to authorities, who investigated the situation in April and arrested the suspect in May. 

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the man, Michael Clapsis, appeared before Perth Magistrates Court and was subsequentl

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