34 Years Supporting the Wild and Weird World Online


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Oh the stories I could tell you about EFF’s adventures anchoring the digital rights movement. Clandestine whistleblowers. Secret rooms. Encryption cracking. Airships over mass spying facilities. Even appearances from a badger, a purple dinosaur, and an adorable toddler dancing to Prince. EFF emerged as a proud friend to creators and users alike in this wild and weird world online—and we’re still at it.


p class=”pull-quote”>Thank you for supporting EFF in our mission to ensure that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people of the world.

Today the Electronic Frontier Foundation commemorates its 34th anniversary of battling for your digital freedom. It’s important to glean wisdom from where we have been, but at EFF we’re also strong believers that this storied past helps us build a positive future. Central to our work is supporting the unbounded creativity on the internet and the people who are, even today, imagining what a better world looks like.

That’s why EFF’s lawyers, activists, policy analysts, and technologists have been on your side since 1990. I’ve seen magical things happen when you—not the companies or governments around you—can determine how you engage with technology. When those stars align, social movements can thrive, communities can flourish, and the internet’s creativity blossoms.

The web plays a crucial role in lifting up the causes you believe in, whatever they may be. These transformative moments are only possible when there is ample space for your privacy, your creativity, and your ability to express yourself freely. No matter where threats may arise, know that EFF is by your side armed with unparalleled expertise and the will to defend the public interest.

I am deeply thankful for people like you who support internet freedom and who value EFF’s role in the movement. It’s a team effort.

One More Day for Summer Treats

Leading up to EFF’s anniversary today, we’ve been having s

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