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Why Isn’t Virtualization Working?

“No one can actually implement a virtualized heterogeneous network at commercial scale.” True or false? (See Just Dirty.) This is a good time for four-valued logic, because the answer is… both. In other words, it depends. True: No one has

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Cloud and Virtualization Enable ‘Active/Active’

At the heart of disaster recovery is database system recovery, and ScaleArc urges users to think active/active, not DR. Disaster recovery has been a challenge for IT organizations ever since the core business realized it couldn’t permanently lose mission critical

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BEITC Preview: “The Coming Virtualization of Radio Studios: Broadcasting + IT = AoIP 2.0”

Michael “Catfish” Dosch is director, Virtual Radio Products, for Lawo. This is one in a series of QAs with industry professionals about their presentations at the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas. Radio World: You’re helming a session entitled “The

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