Asia-Pacific Managed Security Services Market 2018-2021 – Shortage of Cyber Security Professionals With Strong …

Managed Security Services Market, Forecast to 2021”
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In 2016, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) managed security services (MSS) market
maintained a strong growth momentum. New security challenges caused by
the evolving threat landscape, such as ransomware, zero-day and targeted
attacks, and compromised Internet of Things (IoT) are driving
enterprises to invest more in risk management tools to gain cyber
resilience. The increasing adoption of emerging technologies to
facilitate digital transformation is also adding more security pressure
for organizations.

In addition to market growth analysis, the study highlights the driving
forces of the managed security services (MSS) market. The shortage of
cyber security professionals with strong expertise was the top factor
driving enterprises to engage with MSSPs to help them cope with new
security challenges. The evolution of advanced threats continued to
cause greater operational pressure on companies, driving them to look at
MSSPs to reduce the pressure and better security threat management. The
introduction and amendment of cyber security laws and regulations are
urging companies to focus more

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